-???? as Miss Bellum (Power Puff Girls)

-???? as Fierce Deity Link (Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask)

-???? as Hell Girl (Hell Boy)

-???? as Heather Mason(s) (Silent Hill 3)

-???? as Rosalind & Robert Lutece (Bioshock Infinite)

-???? as Rapunzel & Flynn Rider (Tangled)

-???? as Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin)

-???? as Merida (Brave)

-???? as Carlos Oliveira & Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 3)

-???? as Mugen, Fuu & Jinn (Samurai Champloo)

-???? as Aiden Pierce (Watch Dogs) & Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed Black Flag)

-???? as Kim Possible

-???? as Payday & Steampunk girl

-???? as Static Shock

-???? as Ganon (Legend Of Zelda Windwaker)

-???? as Cole Phelps (L.A. Noire)

-korcarimilds as Regular Elizabeth & “Sam” as DLC Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite) 

-???? as Rocket Raccoon (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

-martianjim as Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

I have returned~

I have loads of pictures, a couple of videos (surprised even myself since I don’t usually take videos) and I’ll need to make a decent journal post…

It’ll probably take a good portion of tonight and tomorrow to get everything up.

First up, some awesome cosplayers I saw at the convention.

Just for reference, my fellow Kcon goers, if you see yourself or a friend in any of the pictures I took, please let me know so that I can properly credit you!

It’s great to be back, everyone, I missed you all so much!


I’m going to bed because I have to get up unusually (unusual for me, anyway) early to head out to the convention tomorrow.

I don’t know if I’ll have internet access, we’ll see.

If not, I’ll be back and spam you guys with photos and journal posts when I come back Monday!

Feel free to leave me messages or fic requests (I’m building a list) in the mean time.

Take care! <3



autumnharbinger said: 
"I saw your message to Cohen and I was inspired to come and chat with you about L.A. Noire. :3

I agree, I shake my head when people gripe about the game - not that their points aren’t valid, but they either don’t understand or don’t care about the historical accuracy…

It’s always ‘why are only the female corpses naked?’ ‘why aren’t their female detectives or women with stories?’ 
And, a lot of noir games are being compared to LAN, either it’s the BEST noir game above all others or its the WORST game to some people because it’s so repetitive. 

Sure, there were female detectives (would’ve been nice to see but I won’t complain because it’s still a well-done game), and butchered naked women (accurate to the Dahlia murders. And a woman DID murder her husband in the game but it was no where near as brutal because, well, it’s believed that a woman would never want to get close enough to commit the deed and get dirty - so he was stabbed by her lover and tossed in front of a car), but it’s still a good game, with a good story, music and atmosphere and it was (and still is) a great experiment that not many other companies would risk because it didn’t follow the shooter/action formula.

What are your thoughts? :3”

(I hope she’s okay with me publishing this, if not I’ll take it down, but I just wanted to voice my response openly)

I first off just want to say that I agree completely with you. L.A. Noire is actually one of my favorite games of all time for so many reasons.

A lot of people were offended because it was “racist and sexist”, and I don’t 100% understand why people were genuinely offended, because as I said to cohensmasterpiece, the 1940’s was actually a very racist and sexist period of time in general, and while it might offend/trigger some people, that’s how the 40’s really was? I just don’t understand why people complain about this being in the game. It reminds me of the people who got offended by django: unchained being “racist”, even though it was literally a movie about the era of slave labor. Rockstar games was aiming for historical accuracy, not a fantasy world where everyone is treated perfectly. That isn’t what the game is about. As for all the dead bodies, you couldn’t have said it better. It was based around The Black Dahlia case, and domestic violence was very common around that time. (some references/sources will be included at the bottom of this)

As for it “lacking lgbt representation”, AGAIN it was the 1940’s. It would have been nice to have openly gay characters depicted, however you’ve probably seen brokeback mountain. People were literally tortured and even killed for being gay in that time period. There is actually one openly gay character (as far as I know), in a DLC case. Some people have read into certain characters being gay (*coughs* ROY *coughs*), however there isn’t a lot of talk about lgbt characters in the game in general, and it is a bit unfortunate, considering some games like BULLY gives you the options to kiss boys, and mass effect has same-sex romancing as an option, etc.., again it was aiming for historical accuracy, not a version of the 40’s where everyone was treated equally.

As for female detectives, it is unfortunate that there aren’t any in L.A. Noire, and the closest we get are love interests, secretaries, suspects, and witnesses. However I still believe in what I said earlier: because this was a time when people were almost militant about gender roles, women simply didn’t have as many career options, and L.A. Noire depicts this accurately. Most of the women in the game are trying to be actresses/starlets, or are housewives (again, this is pretty much all that women were accepted as back in the day).

ALSO, I would just like to add that when you really examine the character’s personalities, the women are actually depicted as generally better people than most of the male characters. The wives are cheated on, abused, even killed, and we feel sympathy for them. It’s clear how monstrous the men were allowed to act back in that day. Even the main character’s wife was made to get more sympathy than him, because he did cheat on her. As for people saying the game itself is enforcing sexism, let me just remind you again: most men (even in power) were ALLOWED to be sexist as hell, and L.A. Noire depicts this with almost every male character there is, for a reason. Rockstar games made them that way. Not to show that this is not what they’re enforcing, this is really just how a lot of men acted. I could give dozens of more examples, but you get my point. It isn’t encouraging or enforcing sexism in this current day and age, it’s just displaying historical accuracy for the time period.

Also, as for people saying it’s “repetitive” or “a boring point-and-click style game” or that it “has a super slow pace”, this game is supposed to be that way. Detective work isn’t shooting at criminals all day and going on high-speed car chases all the time (although this is included). It’s about piling evidence together to create a timeline of events and eventually breakthrough to solving a case. It’s a logical game, and I personally don’t understand why people think it’s boring, because I honestly find all aspects of the cases and plot fascinating (especially the DLC cases). I guess it’s one of those “love it or hate it” games, however I have yet to find a game quite like L.A. Noire, and if you don’t like it, that’s okay, but I honestly feel like you’re missing out on how great it is.



  • Sexism in the mid 1900’s (x) (x) (x) 
  • Raicsm/Racial stereotypes in the mid 1900’s (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)
  • Inequality in the mid 1900’s (x) (x) 
  • The Black Dahlia case (x)

ALSO, I just discovered this video, but the person shortly covers the topic, and I do agree with what she says, so credit to her also.

No, no, it’s perfectly okay that you posted my message!

((And I do love that you posted some helpful resources, I’ll have to read them when I have time!))

For one thing, I especially love how L.A. Noire, and other controversial games like Bioshock Infinite, promote discussion.

Because of L.A. Noire, I was inspired to look up history that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. And it provokes people and - hopefully - urges them to think about their own values and how far we’ve come and so much more that needs to be changed.

I assume the game upsets people because the issues it portrays are so horrible; but I’m glad the game upsets them, then.

I once heard someone say that if a video game, movie or book upsets a person - then the writers did their job.

It’s one thing to hate a game because it’s just not someone’s cup of tea or there were issues with the gameplay, but it’s entirely different (and disheartening to me, in my opinion) when a person simply gets upset but refuses to discuss why.